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Most Business Owners And Online Marketers Are Using Images They Find Online Illegally,
And This Can Results In THOUSANDS Of Dollars In Legal Fees When They Get Sued

You’ll Notice We Said ‘When They Get Sued’ And Not ‘If They Get Sued’...

That’s because…

It’s just a matter of time until a business owner or online marketing gets sued for using media that they didn’t pay for…

And it’s understandable why many online marketers and business owners just go to Google and grab an image...

If you’ve ever needed to use stock media for a project, you know first hand that it can be really expensive to purchase stock images, illustrations, videos, and other types of media.

Most Stock Media Websites Charge Your PER Download And In Many Cases They Charge A Monthly Membership Fee

The bottom line is this…

With royalty-free stock media, you can very quickly spend hundreds of dollars on even a relatively small project.

And trust me, in any business online, you don't have time or money to waste!

You will agree with me that this is the perfect time to cut down on recurring expenses… And let's face it, recurring subscription and one time download fees of stock media bills soon ads up fast.

The good news is…

Now there’s a better way!

We got tired of overspending on stock media…

...and the free stock media websites out there simply didn’t have the selection we needed…

So we’ve spent the past year creating a brand new stock media resource that changes everything, makes stock media affordable, and gives you access to built-in tools and features that make it easier than ever to make big profits online…

...and in addition to having millions of stock media images, videos, illustrations, GIFs, and vectors, audios to use for your own projects…

We’re also going to extend completel RESELL rights so you can profit by offering stock media to business owners, affiliate marketers, and anyone else that needs stock media and keep 100% of the PROFITS for yourself.


StockRush Premium

When you get this exclusive edition of StockRush that’s only available to Tagget customers, you’ll have another way to make money by helping business owners and online marketers avoid lawsuits by giving them access to quality stock media.

Of course, you can also use any of the stock media inside for your own projects too!

Here’s What’s Included With StockRush Premium

10 Million Stock Media Files
(This is DOUBLE What Our StockRush Members Get)

This means you get millions of images, videos, illustrations, vectors, GIFs, and audios.

Take A Look At The Top-Quality Stock Media You’ll Have Access To Right Away







Unlimited Downloads And No Download Or Monthly Fees

There are no limits or additional charges when you download media and you get access to UNLIMITED copyright free downloads so you know when you sell these assets to businesses or use them yourself, you are literally protecting them from being sued in the future.

Easy-To-Use, Built-In Editor

We’re including a built-in editor to customize your stock media with a few clicks of your mouse… No technical skills required!

Background Remover Tool

Have you ever needed to remove the background of an image for a project, but you either couldn’t figure out how to do it or had to outsource it?

We’ve got you covered with a push-button Background Remover App to remove the background from any image without any design skills needed.

Automated Lead System

Get FREE viral traffic with the included Automated Embedded Lead Opt-in System and Social Sharing that’s built right into StockRush.

Upload Your Own Media To Our Marketplace And Profit

Upload your own stock media to an auto-generated website for the opportunity to make even more money.

Facebook Pixel Support Included

Add your Facebook pixel with access to Facebook pixel support. generate hot leads with a few clicks of your mouse with our

Lead Generation Opt-in Overlay System

With this powerful lead-generation tools, you can post images on Facebook, Reddit, or anywhere else online and get leads right from the images you post.

Plus, When You Get This Upgrade Right Now, You’ll Get Access To Resell Rights To 10 Millions Stock Media Files And GEt Your VERY Own Stock Media Website

Offer stock media to others, set your own prices, and keep 100% of the profits so you make money just like beth Who runs HandCraft Films, and makes a HEALTHY living selling stock media…

Here's what she made in residual passive income from
just one of her video assets in only a year:

‘Done For You’ website is included so you can sell your stock media without any hard work required…

We’ll even show you the best way to sell stock media THIS week for MASSIVE profits in your pocket with just a few minutes of your time…

This Is Something That Sells Itself Because Almost Everyone In Business Needs Stock Media

All Of The Following Entrepreneurs Desperately
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Affiliate marketers
Product creators
Local marketers
Media creators
Social media marketers
Email marketers
Offline businesses
ANYONE doing anything online needs stock media

When You Get This Add-On Right Now,
You Get Access To:

  • Exclusive Rights To Resell StockRush Social Media And Keep 100% Of The Profit - (Actual Value = $297)

  • ‘Done For You’ StockRush Reseller Website For Getting Clients - (Actual Value = $497)

  • 10 Million Stock Media Files For Reselling AND Personal Use - (Actual Value = $697)

  • ‘Stock Rush Editor, Background Replacer App, And Advanced Features - (Actual Value = $197)

  • Access To White Glove Support - (Actual Value = $297)

  • Make Money With StockRush Step-By-Step Video Training - (Actual Value = $997)

The Total Value
Of Everything = $2,982

Tagget/Stockrush Bundle

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