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Tagget gives you access to never-before-released marketing tools that all business owners and online marketers need to get traffic, leads, and make sales...

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  • Virtually all online entrepreneurs and business owners can benefit from the 5-in-1 marketing tools built-into Tagget
  • Instead of charging others for marketing services, you can sell them access to the platform and they can do it themselves and save a few bucks (saving money is VERY IMPORTANT to businesses these days)
  • You’ll be able to quickly create a mostly passive stream of online income that increases every single month
  • People truly need and want what Tagget has to offer, so getting new customers is fast and easy

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  • There’s no ‘reinventing the wheel’
  • You don’t need to stress out about putting together your own software app which can be really complicated
  • There’s no need to spend countless weeks and thousands of dollars getting everything setup because we’ve done EVERYTHING for you
  • You don’t have to worry about testing and tweaking your sales materials to get them to convert… We’re going to give you everything you need and it’s already PROVEN to convert and make money
  • You don’t have to stress out about customer support or making updates to the app because we do ALL of that for you
  • All you have to do is follow what we tell you, make sales, and keep 100% of the profits for yourself!!


Target Unlimited Reseller License

The Tagget Reseller License gives you everything you need to make money by reselling Tagget as your very own software app to an extremely hungry market that will pay handsomely for access!

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Unlimited Reseller Rights To Tagget

  • Rebrand as your own or sell as is
  • No limits to how many people you can sell this to
  • No technical skills needed
  • Start making money right away
  • You set the price and you keep 100% of the profits

Proven-To-Convert Sales Materials

  • You get access to sales pages, graphics, and copy so that you’re in business right away
  • Everything is tested and proven to CONVERT
  • Rebrand it and make it your own or use as is and make money today

Everything Inside Is 100% ‘Done For You’

  • Everything has been ‘done for you’
  • There’s no writing, coding, or designing required
  • You’ll get the keys to a ready-to-go business that’s already PROVEN to make money

Step-By-Step Video Training Shows You How To Make Big Money With Tagget Unlimited Reseller Rights

  • We’ll show you how to get everything setup and configured quickly, even if you’re a total newbie
  • You’ll discover the fastest way to get FREE traffic and start making sales TODAY
  • The simple steps to scale up and turn this into a 6 FIGURE income

World Class Support

  • If you have any issues getting things setup, we have a support team on standby that’s ready to help
  • You don’t have to worry about software maintenance or updates because we handle that for you
  • You don’t even have to worry about customer support, because that is covered in full too

It Doesn’t Take Many Sales To Make A LIFE-CHANGING Income
With Unlimited Reseller Rights

1 Tagget Sales Daily = $1,410 Per Month

5 Tagget Sales Daily = $7,050 Per Month

10 Tagget Sales Daily = $14,100 Per Month

25 Tagget Sales Daily = $35,250 Per Month

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  • Step-By-Step Reseller Training - (Actual Value = $297)

  • ‘Done For You’ Support - (Actual Value = $697)

The Total Value
Of Everything = $3,988

Tagget Unlimited Developer/Reseller License

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WARNING! This Is A One-Time Offer And This GOES AWAY When The Timer Hits ZERO OR WE Well Out…
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