First off, we want to thank you for getting
your hands on Tagget.

We’re excited for you, because we know just how powerful this marketing system is.
Not only will you be able to put your own marketing on steroids and quickly get more leads, customers, and make more money…

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There Are MANY People That Will NEVER
Make A Dime With Tagget...

That’s NOT because it doesn’t work.
It works… REALLY well, and it’s one of the best software tools we’ve ever released.
In fact, there’s no other software tool that includes all the powerful features that come standard with Tagget.
Even though Tagget gives everything needed to bank 6 figures…
...there are plenty of people that will let Tagget sit unused and never make a dime because it’s something new, and getting started with something new can be really HARD.
We don’t want that to happen to you…
Our goal is to help you make as much money as possible, and that’s why we’ve put together a special upgrade that takes you by the hand and literally FORCES you to get results and make money.
In fact, this upgrade is so powerful, you won’t just make money…
You’ll get everything you need to 10X your profits without any hard work required on your side.
When you upgrade to the Deluxe Edition of Tagget, you effectively become one of our VIP members and that means you get access to special one-on-one support, feature upgrades that will make you more money, and we’ll hold your hand and get everything setup so you’re FORCED to make money within 24 hours or less from RIGHT NOW.

Here’s What’s Included When You Upgrade
To Tagget Deluxe Right Now

‘Done For You’
Installation Of Tagget
Our team of Tagget experts will set up Tagget for you and make sure you have everything in place to start making money with your Tagget agency RIGHT AWAY.
White Glove
One-On-One Support
If you have a question about ANYTHING related to setup or making money with your Tagget Agency, our team will support you over email, on a Skype live call.
Built-In Video Conferencing
We’re including an amazing video demo/webinar/conference feature built right into the Tagget platform. This Video Conferencing System is similar to Zoom with no limits and no monthly fees.
20 Additional Unique Capture
Page Templates
These page templates look great and are PROVEN to get hot leads that turn into big profits FAST.
2,000 Additional Credits For Calls
and the SMS, IVR and Voice System
(Valued At $297)
This means you can email out, text message out, voicemail drop out...
1000 more times to your prospects with no ADDITIONAL expense!
2,000 Additional Email Marketing
System Credits (Valued At $297)
Just like the additional voice credits, this allows you Tagget to send out more emails without an additional expense on your part. This means you can take on MORE clients and make BIGGER profits.
Voicemail Transcription
Get real-time speech-text transcription of voicemail via SMS or email messages straight to your mobile phone. These messages can be left without
Tagget Schemes (Event Triggers)
This allows you to activate incoming call or SMS action triggers based on preset conditions such as weekends, holidays, business hours etc.
Call Recording
Realtime call conversation audio recording allows users to record important calls, avoid having to take so many notes, and quickly improve on the phone.
JUST ADDED - 2,000 Whatsapp
Broadcast Credits (VALUED At $297)
We are even going to throw in an additional Whatsapp Broadcast feature x 2000 credit units when you get this upgrade RIGHT NOW! This means you can now instantly ‘Whatsapp’ your prospects, instantly broadcast a promotion to them with a special offer, a gift, or whatever you want... at will!

Because We Want Tagget To Start Making You Life-Changing Money Within 24 Hours Or Less, You Also Get…

‘Tagget Academy’ is our ‘Done for You’ in-depth step by step video training course, showing you everything you need to succeed using Tagget as an agency selling the platform as your own service to ALL types of online businesses.
Because Tagget is a generic platform, there is not one single online business that could not benefit from using this new revolutionary Tagget Technology…
Here’s What You’ll Discover
Inside Tagget Academy:
  • How to get Tagget setup and start using it to get results today
  • The most effective methods for getting BIG results with Tagget right out of the gates
  • How to configure, optimize and setup your Tagget platform the right way, so your new campaigns are set up to be GUARANTEED winners
  • How to find clients that desperately NEED what Tagget has to offer so you can start banking $500 to $2,000+ management fees as soon as today
  • The simple method for finding and closing clients that doesn’t require you to make cold calls or have any sales skills
  • The best way to scale your Tagget Agency to 6 figures FAST even if you’re just starting out and have never landed a client in your life (We make it EASY for you to get results fast)
  • How to put Tagget on autopilot so you can create a regular consistent income with a VERY part-time effort so you can live life on your terms
  • Why the COVID pandemic makes Tagget a HUGE opportunity to create a life-changing passive income that you can use to replace lost income or a lost job right away

We’ve Been Making A Solid Monthly Income
With Tagget Deluxe

Tagget Deluxe Gets Big Results
With A VERY Part-Time Effort

Tagget Users Love The New Features And ‘Done For You’ Setup Included WithTagget Deluxe

was a bit reluctant to jump on this upgrade. I always wanted to have my own agency, but I didn't know how to go about it. With this upgrade, I was assigned a team of experts that did all the heavy lifting for me. This whole new assistance that comes with this upgrade made it a whole lot easier to start making money with Tagget agency.
Scott Jones
One thing I love the most about this upgrade is that it comes with fully customizable page templates. Capturing leads has never been easier. I must commend the developers of this upgrade for designing these page templates to get hot leads that turn into big profits FAST.
Alvin Black
The Whatsapp Broadcast feature built into this upgrade has really helped me connect more with my prospects. For starters, with just a few clicks I can now easily and instantly send a broadcast message on Whatsapp to them with special offers and promos. It makes my job a lot easier and hassle-free.
Peter Gowers

Tagget Customers Upgrade To Tagget Deluxe
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Which is why we initially planned to charge $297 for this upgrade… That price would be a steal, but as our valued Tagget Customer, you won’tpay anywhere near that right now...

check-icon-dark  This is a special, one-time offer

check-icon-dark  30 day money back guarantee

WARNING: Prices Increase Coming Soon:

WARNING! This Is A One-Time Offer And
The Price Is Going Up!!

This special launch discount is only up for a limited amount of time, and once this special discount expires, the price will go up to $297 - and you’ll definitely be paying a lot more to get on the inside for this one later on…
Again, you’re only going to see this page once, and once the countdown timer runs out, you won’t have a chance to get this again at a price this low.
When we do decide to sell this later on, it’ll be four times the price you pay today - guaranteed.
For today only though, you can take advantage of our grand launch opening, and get the opportunity of a lifetime for a measly low one time fee (with no monthly charges on top!)
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You Have No Risk With Our DOUBLE YOUR MONEY
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Because we don’t want anything to stop you from getting this upgrade now, there is absolutely no risk on your part, so you literally have nothing to lose.
You’re fully covered by our outrageous DOUBLE your money refund back guarantee.
And get this…
If you apply what we show you and you still don’t get results within 60 days, we will personally refund you AND… give you money right out of our own pockets on top, just to compensate you for your time.
YES… that’s how confident we really are that you’ll be getting results in the next 24 hours from now.

Why You Need To Upgrade Right Now

  • This is a special one-time offer, and if you come back later, you’ll completely miss out on your chance to get Tagget Deluxe at a big discount
  • To get access to the bonus credits, you must get this upgrade right now
  • You have no risk with our Double Your Money Money Back Refund
  • If you want to get the most out of Tagget, make ongoing profits, and quickly scale to 6 Figures without any hard work required, you need to get Tagget NOW
Tagget Deluxe Suite

check-icon-dark  This is a special, one-time offer

check-icon-dark  30 day money back guarantee

WARNING: Prices Increase Coming Soon:
No Thanks I don’t want to upgrade to Deluxe for additional features, bonsu credits, training, and ‘done for you’ setup. I can do it all myself and I’m willing to live without these powerful features that will make me more money. Please take me to my download